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Get your manuscript ready for journal editors
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Language editing

Help journal editors understand your manuscript, by making sure your writing is of good quality and clearly communicates what you have done.

Good quality writing:

  • increases the chances of acceptance for publication
  • increases the impact of a manuscript in the research community
  • accelerates understanding and acceptance of the research
  • increases the faith of readers in the quality of the research

Is your English writing ready for submission?

Upload your manuscript and get language editing from Curie for free. Curie uses AI to make suggestions that can improve writing quality and help you communicate the value of your work.

You'll receive an edited version by email, covering points on grammar, phrasing and writing style. By helping you with editing, you'll have more time to focus on your research.

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More help

Our Writing in English tutorial is designed to help non-native English speakers avoid some of the common errors that occur when writing for publication.

Use our Language Editing Services for additional support to improve your manuscript.

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